Tips for Passing the Under The Sea Challenge


BitLife Simulator is an addiction simulation game where you can become what you want to be. The game gives you an endless number of career options and life choices to choose from in the game and play with. Apart from these, BitLife Simulator also offers its players several challenges to complete. The last challenge offered by the game is Under the challenge of the sea and the challenge consists of five tasks to complete. For those who want to complete the Under The Sea challenge in BitLife Simulator, you have come to the right place.

How to complete Under The Sea Challenge in BitLife Simulator

There are certain tasks that need to be completed to complete the Under The Sea challenge. Let’s discuss each of these tasks in detail.

First task

The first task of the challenge is to birth a woman in denmark. So start with a female character and choose the country Denmark. You must then unlock the voice lessons in the Activities tab as you age your character.

You then need to take these singing lessons at least 4-5 times as you get older each time. The main goal here is to achieve 100% vocal proficiency. We recommend that you reach this goal within 18 years because singing lessons cost you money after 18 years. While you focus on your voice skills, you should also focus on increasing your smart stats.

Second task

After graduating from high school, your character will now have to choose biology as their major. After 4 years of studies, it is now time to apply to a graduate school to study biology. Make sure to keep your smart stats higher the whole time.

Third task

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After graduating from the doctoral school, you should look for a job as a marine biologist. You should then start looking for jobs in the Full Time Employment section and search for the position of a Junior Marine Biologist. Once you manage to find the position you want, apply for the same position and go for the interview. After getting the job, you have to focus and work harder until you get promoted to marine biologist.

Fourth task

The next task of the Under the Sea Challenge is to make an enemy in BitLife Simulator named Ursula. You can either change the name of any character that is your enemy using the God mode or you can use the Custom Character Feature accessible via the Configure menu to create a character with the required name.

Fifth task

The last task is however the most difficult and it is marry into royalty in BitLife Simulator. You must achieve good fame which you must acquire for yourself. Royal love interests will occasionally appear in the Date menu.

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