Pokémon GO: May 2022 Spotlight Time Guide


Pokémon GO’s Spotlight Hour takes place every Tuesday between 6 and 7 p.m. local time, and a different Pokémon will be featured for each event.

Spotlight Hours take place every Tuesday at Pokemon GO and will increase the frequency with which a specific Pokémon appears in the wild. Events run between 6-7 PM local time, and there will be active bonuses for you to take advantage of for each Spotlight hour. For example, players may receive additional candy, experience, or stardust for certain activities during Spotlight Hour. There are five Tuesdays in May 2022, and each day has a different Pokemon to catch.

Spotlight Hours began in 2020, and since then different Pokémon have been featured each month. During Spotlight Hour, players are more likely to encounter a Shiny version of the featured Pokemon as long as it exists in the game. The Shiny rate in Pokemon GO isn’t increased during Spotlight hours, but the number of Pokémon that appear makes it more likely that players can find a Shiny one. Players should be aware that some of the Pokémon in May’s Spotlight Hours do not have Shiny versions.


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As of May 2022, the Pokémon appearing in Spotlight Hours are Wingull, Numel, Magikarp, Seel, and Pikipek. Wingull, Magikarp, and Seel can appear as shiny Pokémon, and all five have evolutions. Participating for a full hour will guarantee players enough Candy to complete each Pokemon’s evolutionary line. Additionally, Magikarp can be transformed into Gyarados which is one of the Pokemon capable of Mega Evolving in Pokemon GO.

Every Pokémon and Spotlight Hour bonus for May 2022 in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO May 2022 Spotlight Hour Guide Details
  • Seagull (May 3): Wingull can evolve into Pelipper for 50 Candies, and the number of Candies awarded for catching Pokémon will be doubled during the Hour of the Spotlight. Wingull can also appear as Shiny in Pokemon GO.
  • Number (May 10): During Numel Spotlight Hour, Double Candies can be earned for transferring Pokémon. Catching and keeping Pokémon before the event can help players earn lots of candy for transfers. Camerut can be obtained by evolving Numel with 50 candies.
  • Magikarp (May 17): Magikarp evolves into Gyarados with 400 candies, so the Spotlight hour is ideal to earn enough to complete the evolution. Additionally, players will receive double XP for evolving Pokémon. Magikarp can appear as Shiny in the wild.
  • To see (May 24): Double Stardust can be earned during the Seel Spotlight hour, and it can also appear as a Shiny Pokémon. Seel evolves with 50 Candies into Dewgong in Pokemon GO.
  • Pikipek (May 31st): During Pikipek Spotlight Hour, double XP can be earned for catching Pokémon. Pikipek can be transformed into Trumbeak using 25 candies, then into Toucannon with 100 more candies.

Most of the Pokemon featured in the May 2022 Spotlight Hours evolve with a moderate amount of Candy, but Magikarp needs 400 to become Gyarados. Participating in the Magikarp Spotlight Hour is the fastest way to get Gyarados, which can take months otherwise. Bonuses that are active during these Spotlight Hours will help players earn enough Candy to evolve multiple Pokémon, or help them level up in Pokemon GO.

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Pokemon GO is available for Android and iOS.

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