New Rustic Road guide features 123 side routes through Wisconsin


MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – The Wisconsin Department of Transportation and Governor Tony Evers announced Friday that a new Rustic Road guide is available.

The guide offers 123 backroad trips through the landscapes of Wisconsin.

The newest road, Rustic Road 123, is in northwest Winnebago County along Pioneer and Medina Junction roads. The route is near the site of a former railroad depot, two national trails and a wildlife sanctuary.

“Wisconsin’s rustic roads show us the lakes left by glaciers and the cliffs they left untouched. They run through our forests and through our diverse agricultural heritage,” Governor Evers said. “This program, which began in Taylor County in 1975, continues to grow through local participation and a neighborhood instinct to share hidden gems for no reason other than to bring people joy.”

With the addition of the latest Rustic Road route, the trips highlight approximately 740 miles of scenic, lightly traveled country roads through 61 Wisconsin counties.

Brown and yellow signs mark routes along designated rustic routes.

“Virtually every county in Wisconsin has designated a rustic route through our unique local-state partnership dedicated to providing recreational opportunities for people of all abilities,” said WisDOT Secretary Craig Thompson. “Our website has new rustic route mapping features online and we encourage travelers to share their photos and celebrate with us as they check out other routes on the list.”

Rustic Road routes are available for free in print and online.

You can order the guide online here or contact the Ministry of Tourism at 1-800-432-8747. You can also view an interactive PDF online here.

“No matter which direction the road takes you, Wisconsin is a great destination for road trips, and our rustic roads help show off some of our most scenic areas,” said Anne Sayers, Secretary-designate of the Department of Wisconsin Tourism. “They provide countless opportunities to enjoy our state’s natural beauty, explore our friendly communities, make memories and discover something new.”

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