Lost Ark Express Mission event guide to get to level 3 fast


The Lost Ark Super Express Mission event is amazing if you want to level up an item without having to grind for weeks. Granted, you still have to run a lot of dungeons and you still have to do some daily tasks, but that’s a lot less than the “usual” endgame routine.

The Express Mission event starts on April 21 and lasts until June 30, so you have plenty of time to level up your main or secondary characters to level 1. In this Lost Ark Super Express Mission guide, we’ll explain the requirements, We’ll give you an overview of the rewards and address the issue with the character selection process.

Lost Ark Express Mission Requirements

Lost Ark Express Mission Event

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The Lost Ark Super Express Mission event will automatically appear on your screen when logging in after the April 21 update. Each Lost Ark player can select a character to participate. This character must be above level 50 and not above item level 1000.

However, be very careful when selecting your character: express missions are designed to facilitate level progression, so high level characters have no use for them. Item rewards are tied to the selected character. This is explained in a Steam post, but not in the in-game event screen.

Let’s say your main character is at level 2 and your alt just reached level 50. In this case, a lot of the rewards from the express mission are lost on your main character, so you definitely need to use your alt. If your alt is only level 12, it depends on whether you plan to hit level 50 well before June 30 (when the event ends). Otherwise, it’s probably best to use your Tier 2 main, so you can still get some of the event rewards.

Can you change the character of Super Expression Mission?

Lost Ark Express Mission Event

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The short answer: no, you can’t. Therefore, we can’t stress this enough: don’t waste your super express mission event on a level 3 character!

It seems that many players opened the game after the update, saw the popup, and clicked on their highest level character. This means they are now stuck with an item level upgrade event for a character that already has a high item level.

This is an understandable mistake, but unfortunately there is no way to change Express Mission characters at the time of writing. Since many players are complaining about this issue on the Lost Ark forums, keep an eye out for developer notifications. Maybe they’ll fix it later.

How to Complete the Super Express Mission Event

Lost Ark Express Mission Event

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Once you’ve selected your character, you can bring up a list of missions by clicking the event icon below the minimap. There are four mission levels (with about six missions per level) and a bonus level. Missions mainly consist of tasks such as clearing Chaos Dungeons, raiding Guardians, and completing Una’s Tasks.

Lost Ark Super Express Mission Rewards

Lost Ark Express Mission Event

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Since you can’t see missions and rewards for levels you haven’t reached yet, you might be wondering if the level four rewards are worth it. Based on the list below, the answer is probably “yes”, but you can see for yourself. Note that each Express Mission Tier has a more valuable “Check Mission” reward for full completion (in addition to individual mission rewards).

  • Level one (302-460): Express Equipment Chest (Lvl 302 Full Set), Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Chest x20, Uncommon Class Engraving Recipe Chest x20, Leapstone of Harmony x15, Destruction Stone Fragment x100, guardian stone x300.
  • Level two (460-600): Rare Combat Engraving Recipe Chest x20, Rare Class Engraving Recipe Chest x20, Leapstone of Harmony x30, Destruction Stone Fragment x200, Guardian Stone Fragment x600.
  • Level three (600-960): Epic Battle Engraving Recipe Chest x10, Epic Class Engraving Recipe Chest x10, Harmony Leapstone x30, Destruction Stone Fragment x150, Guardian Stone Fragment x450.
  • Level four (960-1100): Epic Battle Engraving Recipe Chest x20, Epic Class Engraving Recipe Chest x20, Life Leapstone x70, Destruction Stone Fragment x300, Guardian Stone Fragment x1500, Caldarr Fusion Material x65.
  • Bonus level: 1,500,000 Silver Coins, 6 Cube Admission Tickets, 40 Harmony Shard Pouches, 60 Life Shard Pouches, and 1,000 Rift Coins.

Most levels also reward money and certain HP potions, Phoenix Feathers, Bombs, and Flares. Note that the quality increases as you reach the next level (level three Destruction Stone Fragments are level 2, for example).

Here are the verification mission rewards for each completed level:

  • First level: Uncommon Engraving Recipe Chest x20 and Uncommon Class Engraving Recipe Chest x20
  • Level two: Stronghold increases with items such as a Research Acceleration Chip.
  • Level three: 1,000,000 silver
  • Level four: Complete Super Express Chest, which contains 1,000 gold, one Relic Rapport Selection Chest, three Legendary Rapport Selection Chests, 3,000,000 Silver, 34 Legendary Card Packs (including one Epic x10 Card Pack and one Rare Map Pack x20), Five Unidentified Power Stones of Soaring, Raid/Victory/Adventure Seal (each x10,000), Navigation Parts Selection Chest x10, Epic Battle Engraving Recipe Chest x20, Recipe Chest Epic Class Engraving x20, Creation Fragment x30, Epic Accessory Chest x20, and Leapstone Honor x50.

It probably goes without saying, but the reward for completing the Express Mission Full Event (Tier Four Check Mission Reward) is by far the best.

Get ready for a few weeks of express missions and get to level 3!

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