Genshin Impact: Guide to the Hangout of Ningguang


The Ningguang Hangout event is a recent addition to Genshin Impact 2.4. Along with her own Hangout, she also gets a special outfit in the update. This outfit can even be seen in the minigame, where instead of her usual royal and gold dress, the Tianquan wears an elegant dark blue dress. This skin is free in the Genshin Impact 2.4, but if players missed the opportunity, they can purchase it through the Paimon Store for 1680 Genesis Crystals.

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However, this dress will not be making an appearance throughout the Hangout event. Of the five resolutions available, Ningguang wears the special outfit in two purposes. In the meantime, for the other three conclusions, the Tianquan will use its usual outfit. To find the five endings, players can follow this Ningguang Hangout Event Guide.

All Ningguang Hangouts End in Genshin Impact

All endings of Ningguang Hangout

The Ningguang Hangout event has clear routes as players don’t have any complicated decisions to make. When Baishi prepares Travelers to become Ningguang’s secretary, she asks them to decide what Lady Ningguang’s day after Lady Ningguang should look like. From there, players have two choices:

  1. “Alright, it’s time to make a serious effort” leads to the first and second endings.
  2. “Okay, it’s time to avoid anything that’s too complicated” leads to the third, fourth and fifth endings.

Ningguang Hangout Ends 1 and 2

Ningguang Hangout ending 1 and 2

When deciding to make a serious effort, the Traveler will accompany Ningguang in his daily activities and work. Later, after a business meeting, Ningguang wonders what is going on in the auction organized by his secretaries. During this conversation, players have two options to take:

  1. Don’t worry about them. They are very capable (First ending)
  2. Well, we have time to go see them if you want (Second ending)

Ningguang Hangout ending 1: as long as the view is good

Nigguang Hangout ending 1

Choosing the first option will lead Ningguang and the traveler to catch crooks. Ningguang is known to be fond of children and would happily spend time with them. So it’s no surprise that she asks them to be her little birds.

Ningguang Hangout Ending 2: The Weight of a Collection

Nigguang Hangout ending 2

Giving the second answer will lead Ningguang to find one of the people who stole the rest of his old one. Jade chamber. Originally the building was sacrificed to defeat the Overlord of the Vortex, Osial. The building was precious to Ningguang, so she doesn’t want to lose any surviving items, no matter how small.

Ningguang Hangout Ends 3, 4 and 5

Ningguang Hangout Ends 3, 4 and 5

For the other three endings, go back to when Baishi asks players to decide what Lady Ningguang’s day after Lady Ningguang will be like. If the players choose the second choice and avoid anything that is too complicated, the Traveler will have to fill the empty schedule of Ningguang. When asked for their opinion, these questions will unlock any remaining endings:

  1. “Let’s do something that you normally never have time for” will lead to the third ending
  2. “Let’s do something you never get the chance to do normally” leads to two other choices: “Let’s start at the bottom of the ladder ” (fourth end) and “Let’s go look for work at the Northland Bank ” (Fifth ending)

Ningguang Hangout Ending 3: Immutable Will

Nigguang Hangout ending 3

When do something Ningguang doesn’t have time to do, The Traveler will learn of Ningguang’s true intentions when she destroyed the Jade Chamber.

Ningguang Hangout Ending 4: Shared Fortune

Nigguang Hangout ending 4

From the bottom of the ladder with Ningguang will lead both the traveler and her to fish and have a good time together.

Ningguang Hangout Ending 5: Feint and Riposte

Nigguang Hangout ending 5

For the last ending, as Traveler and Ningguang try to find a job at Northland Bank, they accidentally stumble upon Fatui plotting something. Fortunately, Ningguang is here to save the day.

Success of the Ningguang Hangout

Success of the Ningguang Hangout

Like any Hangout event, the one in Ningguang also features three achievements that players can achieve. Two are easy to obtain, while the last is a secret feat.

Secret success of the Ningguang Hangout

To mark the secret success You must have reservations, players must catch more fish than expected during the fourth end of the Ningguang Hangout event.

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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