’90 Day Fiance’ Star Jibri Bell’s Tattoo Guide: Photos


90 day fiance newcomer Bell Jibri made her TLC debut on season 9 with the Serbian beauty miona, but it’s his permanent ink that has fans buzzing. Previously living in Los Angeles, the colorful musician moved back to South Dakota with his parents to save money during the costly K-1 visa process. Growing up in the Midwestern town, Jibri, 28, never felt out of place and described herself as a “jellyfish in a little pond”.

“I’m out there, I’m out of the box. I have lots of tattoos and crazy hair,” the Black Serb frontman explained in his introduction for the show. “[I] sometimes dress like I’m from another planet. He added: “I was colorful and wild. I didn’t really fit in. My role since I was fi

five years has always been the jester, the clown, the joker, the black duck. And I didn’t embrace this role for a long time until I realized that I bring a lot of color into people’s lives.

Everything changed when Jibri met his best friend from high school, David, a Serbian refugee. Joining him out of the country to his homeland on what Jibri called a “life-changing trip”, he ended up returning to Serbia more than ten times.

Falling in love with food and culture, even though he was adamant about not having a relationship – that all changed when he met 23-year-old makeup artist Miona while on tour with her band.

Calling her their soul mate, the couple got engaged in Thailand. While the couple have only been together in a vacation setting, the real test will come when Miona arrives at Jibri’s parents’ modest home in South Dakota.

“I really hope that by bringing my fiancée here, she can really understand who I am,” Jibri explained in a confessional to producers. “And she can see the beauty that I see now, that I didn’t see when I was younger.”

His mother did not share his optimism as she lectured her son: “I’m afraid she’ll urge you to move before you’re ready. Her social media presence makes it look like she wants to live in Beverly Hills. That’s not what we have here.

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